Variations of a Brother War (Ammo Triptych)
J.A. Tyler

The Bullets Are Soft Lead

The bullets are soft lead and house a curve. The mist sits sometimes in these valleys. The trees are oak and elm. The trees grow up big. Tree-strong. The tune that Gideon will whistle will be a song that many people know. Other people will whistle that song. That song will whistle through the valleys. Whistling that song will be the difference between Gideon being shot at and Gideon walking freely through a mist. Even in meadows it is necessary to wear these types of disguises. A Brother War means fighting against what is. A Brother War means finding endings.

The Bullets Have Minimal Range

Inside of one bullet is the capacity to rape a woman, if she is standing alone in grass. If she stands as a statue then she is a river. If she moves in a cloud then she is gone. The women in this valley are women made from longing. Logs of trees. The cabins they have brothers in them. The brothers they have bullets and rifles. The women are hair braided and strong collars. Baths are made from water, in the meadow, with heat from controlled fires. Smoke is what signals both the movement and the resting in-between the movement.

The Bullets Are Ripe with Disease

If Gideon is a dove then Miller is a dove. If Miller is a dove then Eliza is a tree. If Eliza is a tree then Gideon will become the axe that knocks her branches, cradles what is not then a fall. If Gideon catches Eliza then Miller will retreat into a crow, barrel up in his rifle and taste meadow as he walks away. If grass bows in wind then the wind is sailing. If winds sail then these troops soon will be. There is a process in packing bullets, so that they carry hope beside their well-oiled dying.