Here: the BR

Jenn Marie Nunes

After four days you'll turn pumpkin. Your horoscope says the ball
approaches your horoscope says milk-fed. After four days I'll start
poking. Who is the prince? Tell me something secret every hour.
Dress me up tell me something in my mouth to keep me quiet. I
don't want you to fatten turn orange & safe. No one could carve
eyes like your eyes no one else sees the place we might settle the
silt bottom the water around us brown and still. Your horoscope
says I didn't eat the fishes I won't eat the pie. I keep my teeth for
you. He calls on the weekends just like predicted. He's not afraid
of biding
. Here are the four broken dishes here the dead fur. His
pin teeth at my ear. In the night when the birds start & the sky
turns grey I want to slice you throw the pieces from a moving
vehicle. In the night when the birds start I can't tell you make the
heart again again turn it in your hand. Your horoscope says where
to put it. Your horoscope says everything is glass.