Broaching Parlance
Sayward Schoonmaker

Keep in mind you turned down sex last night

Mouths ataunt

Sternums weatherside

Keep in mind by and large: consequences

Breathing reach

You will not sleep with
You will not sleep with
You will not sleep with

Keep in mind true vs. magnetic bearings

Narrative of Terms: A Glossary

Magnetic bearing: relative to magnetic north (where the compass needle points)
Magnetic declination varies from place to place (person to person)
True bearing: direction of geographical north pole (we've decided where it is)

Belay: an order to halt current activity, countermand an order prior to execution
Lines: crossed; ropes

Keep in mind: hold; carry; brace; broach
(K)not: in throat/gullet; reminder to refuse; refusal; refuse

Reaching: sailing across wind
Close Reaching: 60° to 80°
Beam Reaching: 90°
Broad Reaching: 120° to 160°
Sheet (coiled; taut; crumpled): rope used to control setting of sail in relation to wind direction
Dressing down: renewing old sails with oil or wax treatment; a verbal reprimand
Measured: one inhale every two seconds

Beating: sailing closer than 60° to wind
Close-hauled: a vessel beating as close as possible to wind direction
Heeling: lean caused by wind's force on sails of sailing vessel (swayed)

Reaching is the fastest way to travel

Weatherside: the side of ship exposed to wind
Beating fingertips
Windbound: condition wherein ship is detained by contrary winds

By: into the wind
Large: with the wind
Ghost: to sail slowly when there is no wind

Bear down: turn away from wind
Bear away: turn away from wind
Rigging: system of masts and lines

Ataunt: fully rigged; ready