Two Poems
Rose Hunter

Café de Olla

I. steeped coffee

what about it
the way the wave breaking
next to the jetty
then comb pushes
old school
foam and cream
to the shore

II. cinnamon sticks

what about it
stitching darts
before the wave 
sharp inhale
and collapses

III. panela

what about it

and so I say
this Neptune and Nereid
is where I fell down
a year ago,
one of many places

one like it in Vallarta too.

During the wave's lifetime

he says, and I think
how many lives
have I watched, just then
end, as he secures
surfboard and roof rack
talk of point breaks and
large fetch, and

"during the wave's lifetime"
he says, and how it goes

did it collect nicknacks
photo albums and pets

a shore break, he tells me
and how that one goes

life curtailed
I call it curtains
the humph and the falling

skin the wind

flesh the swell and fall

pit the foam
white blood
marrow, bone.