Jared Joseph

Buoy, and let this be
Solely imagined. Let
This be a humble moon,
As all moons are humbling
Earnings to the sun, & yet
Showing themselves in
Earnest & in accidence. Let
This be twilight upon the occidental
Sky & twilight upon the there-
By waters, blue to blue, as
The clouds are dark roughshod
Blankets frayed pale, & laid, or
Pails pressed flat that hold only
Past memory of water & now
More than water, some storage
Unbelievable. &, or but, somehow
Or other I'd ruther. Be a quiet writer,
 ___.  ___, letting on. Riding camel
On fat sacs of water, Buoy Boy
Whisking in the blow: let this be
A buoy like an enormous cigar-
Ette, filter-down sough sough
In its sway in the flow, in its way
Revealing the wind in its self-
Cast throw on the water, flushed
Orange and ash, the image of
The buoy reflected in the water &
Reflecting the gait, the posture,
The pose, the fleet, the caprice &
The solemnity, the kissy face, the black
Tongue & the heartrate, of the wind
Lighting on the face of the water, of the
Light treading upon the face of the water,
Let this be all, end all, but in good
Faith, tremor, rush. Error along the
Verse this time, unrectified erratum,
Good god just let this one be
Enjambed. Like a poem