from the seven deathly Sins
Steven Fowler

{the seven deathly Sins / Superbia}

My richly dressed sister, who misses me & asks after the Tulsidas, sending her love from the Kishkindha forest is centre foreground in the ribbons draping from my caping, admiring herself in a mirror with the attribute of a peacock next to left; while a barbershop burns to the right; with various demons and monsters throughout proclaiming the ghosts that chase the sun approaching, and seeing an eclipse, the bear's scream, fearing the end of the world.

Off they go, sails blustering in the wind as they escape the barely remaining penii of the boys of Greece with copper briefcases and the eggs of eleven ostriches given at the sound of a trumpet. There is a swan in a brass diving suit, the Song of Solomon, & the classic prophylactic, the Avaricious female seated at centre beside a coffer, into which a reptilehead pours money, a toad at their feet. A ramshackle hut owned by a moneylender falls behind, while curious buildings and half-human creatures pursuing symbolic occupations, some of them shooting arrows at a suspended pouch with coins exit the chamber when they see fit. Perhaps to enter it again, if they have not become hypnotised by my spinning.

{the seven deathly Sins / Avaritia}

She is Bent backwards with a bad back. Always with her hands on his back, she is cursing for a coin purse. Spending herself out, like a donkey, as though she were Aristotle saddled with a courtly rider, she is a descent from the Blue skies & the old joints. The purse has Fire in its talons. Fish are the seated women in centre foreground with red coins in her lap & chest & a sack of coins all about her; near her feet crouches a toad, her attribute; behind her a pawnshop with a pair of scissors jutting out from its wall, from which dangles a nude figure; in the background several fantastical and demonic structures and vignettes; a sister-in-law a woman half-Japanese half layered head to toe in makeup. White. Golden hair & features & eyelashes. She pays less than the asking price. She braids hair for gold & squirrels it down beneath a copper treetrunk, guarded by tortoises that have qualified for a letter. Eggplants grow red & ripe in the sun but cannot be eaten, poisoned by DDT & iron in the river. The seasons loop, animals become confused. She becomes more dedicated, taking up the swirling clouds by their roots to obscure the natural light so she may burn the forest she once used as sanctuary and kill the trees that were her companions. She sells them for next to nothing.