Broken Compass
Spence Horner

Because you can't fall up a rabbit holebecause there isn't a word for being pulled
tuggedupwards, in the same way there is a word than means falling.

Because you can't go back the way you camebecause there isn't actually anything between you

and where you have been before,
does not mean that it's no longer accessible.

Because, you might be sucked, tugged or pulled,
you might ask yourself if you like what you are

seeing on the way to where you're going.

Even the centerthe hole in the middleof a bead has a top and a bottom.

Strewn onto a stringthat is so long,you're trapped in something hollow.
A halo of nothingis empty around you. What is up What is down
When does the emptiness bandbreak, do the holesfill in.

What's it like to be a planet,like Jupiter, who one day loses a ring?

(A rabbit whose perpetual tardinessis the subsequence of a lost pocket-watch)