Two Poems
Annette C. Boehm

the five parts of love (176, 174, 173, 175, 177)

1 / yechida

lyre lyre lyre
an unplanned desire for song
music of the unmoving fingers

2 / chaya

my eyes don't see:
i see
channel my breath toward
my lips and yours

3 / nefesh

all sinews, veins and elbows
a vine that grows up trees
sap driving up leaves and blossoms

4 / ruach

dawn rises and descends
comes downstairs for breakfast
to fill her stomach
with butter and tea

5 / neshema

your kind thoughts adorn the transparent
dress of the sky
a godly filigree

solar flares (67A)

i am covered in sunspots

and this heat is swelling my scars
ruinous god with your red currant lips

I swear I did not love their touch
but now because they reveal intent

and the reason neither good nor gentle
nothing much just a desire for more

summer in my belly

Note: The numbers in the titles of the poems refer to the corresponding
Sappho fragment as found in Anne Carson's
if not, winter.