love poem #3
James Schiller

1i will put a bee under your bed

2every day for a year

3so you do not perceive the increase

4of bees under your bed

5and become unconsciously accustomed to their activity

6which at its culmination
a. (364 bees)

7will be substantial

8you will lay down over a large, undulating field

9of meticulous noise
a. their dark purr will comfort you
b. you will require their delicate sludge to sleep

10 until i sneak
a. secretly

11 into your bed

12 and take away the bees

13 then you will sense a disturbance in your slumber
a. the solitude of the night will pierce your mind
like a piercing mind-knife of solitude

14 and you will cry and sweat

15 and produce other sad fluids in the night

16 and roam the earth in distress

17 until,
a. one day

18 we finally meet

19 and i say

20 i am the man you've been searching for

21 all your life

22 and you say who the hell do you think you are
a. you are distressed, i forgive you

23 and i say

24 i'm the man

25 with all the bees under his bed