Three Poems
Mary-Catherine Jones

Teaching Nabokov to Drive

Waking I / wanted to put it on film, two / immiscible liquids, not emulsified. The dream / unstable, disperses / progressively separating / this we as daylight exposes its frank compositions / its yearn-charm.

Acela 2160

The thread is on the loom / like hot tea / between your legs. Losing, / he presented a two-letter / word: qi. Jewelry, wet / wood, it doesn't burn.


A hollow Oak / stump crawls with biology a wrist / sticks to a laptop / cuff to duck tape. Control of root rot by Phlebiopsis / gigantean. Spores containing shaped fruiting / bodies. What is an event? The white / fluff of a Moonpie. Now Krylon / white, tribal transposed, / graffiti spaghettied / across suburbia. Recognize me / it says. I am unique. / P. gigantean, sporulate readily in laboratory culture. I am a king. / I am earth. For some reason, / Yes.