Captain's Log: Seamen
Mel Coyle

today I peeled three times in my peel log. after peeling I did my ordinary duties. as far as I know everyone on the Boat is concerned with this peeling. more than they are concerned with their chores. even me. there is no way to redirect this energy. if it is not self-serving it is simply serving. many people I love are in the constant practice of swallowing semen. many people involved with history also swallowed semen. many presidents & mothers swallowed semen. many dogs & many cats. our country is great & involves our capacity to be productive & swallow semen. in fact this practice is crucial to our identity & how we relate to production. for instance we are all perfect worshippers of our potential selves & therefore worker esteem is high. muscular & self-reflective like staring into a cold starry night: why not take this life for granted. wind Northeast, decks clean.