Five Fictions
Parker Tettleton


We hold irony in separate states. I've worn my fingers more nights than you've smoothed biology. That isn't hard as I am. You don't eat & I don't smoke.

Even Rooms Go Outside Awhile

Love is eating you out. It sucks me. It turns lights on & off. It's everything already. It's everything that isn't. It will be about us for no reason because it's love. Then some lights. Then some others. Then some us. Then some others.

Three Plus

I lift my shirt up & nothing happens. I look better in the bathroom at night. The third sentence doesn't begin with I. It ends & I love somebody's animal. Or her, or me, or this.

May Early

If I find another you it's different. I hate that line. You're out & I'm in. No one brings me beer. No one would if you were here. Tell me, don't spill.

You Meet A Friend

No one's really good looking. I love you is like olives. I don't eat in front of a face. I get full & want two. Then I do, or empty. Something say what the rest means