Domicile Effect
Aholaah Arzah

I suppose that I should mention, on a wet afternoon, that we are lying sleepless
in a square domain with periodic borders, partitions, and user functions.

For illustration, invite shape. Make a square with a triangle almost entirely on top.

The brick weaving: sort of provocative staging for asphalt as far as the eye can see.
And those enigmatic geese! At home in the modern world in their fabulous fringed wrap
with audience appeal.

Regular houses are so full of barriers. Here we slide open the walls because you never
know who is watching. We've always loved the untamed arresting aspect of autism's
direct interaction with nature.

There are so many ways to approach a litany of losses. There is no single element
that holds the solution when the opera becomes too vocally driven.

"Wouldn't it be nice," we remark, "if the children learned to fold their laundry
in a timelier manner?"