Three Fictions
Parker Tettleton


I'm going to initial your favorite kind of sandwich before I eat it for the first time knowing. I'm not sure how but I have icing, magic markers & butter knives. Hardly anyone makes it into my kitchen. I keep moving & lives keep disappearing. Your heart isn't hard of hearing; mine is a disposal that stays on & silent in the dark. How do you arrange your shoes? Is it by color? Are they straight in a line? Who gets out of bed & puts them on you?

How To Grow Alone

I say I only eat things without blood but I've eaten you, too. Hair on a toilet reminds me of this high school Stone I didn't sleep with. We went to college together for two weeks. She broke me in line for chicken or fish. I've got plenty of reasons not to eat meat.

I Don't Need A Bag

This convenience store guy says Congratulations. Everything is more exciting when you're excited. I make blanket statements with your socks on my hands. It's not easy to pretend this is an older Easter. Tell your brother happy birthday.