What Makes Me Uncomfortable
Jimmy Chen

Bob Marley; people dancing to Bob Marley; the smell of a 4 ft. radius from which someone who danced to Bob Marley has recently exited, in part due to prolonged burning of incense, but mostly not showering, at their residence, one subsidized by the government; an evite from someone who has been vocal about loving Bob Marley out of vague political sentiment, so vocal that I assume the playing of Bob Marley in "loop" at a party for which said evite was sent; walking down the street and seeing a dog undergoing the initial stages of starvation because its owner, a Bob Marley fan, is too consumed by both his music and the taking of drugs associated with listening to said music; being at a mall in suburbia and seeing a Bob Marley poster; his question "is this love?" to which the answer is probably not.