The Ledge and the Limit
Shelley Wong

An interruption. The flood begins, taking up patio furniture,
blurring the path. The crowd bursts, not waiting for
formal orders.

A department begins to observe the area.
You are quite a looker. Let us align our interests.

Loose animals and bright flags dot the landscape.
Citizens wander in search of each other.
The helicopters try to keep pace.

Exits are few. Nice stems will take you far.
Do not be alarmed.

There is something creeping over the horizon. It is shiny
and therefore man-made.

Names and signs have lost their meaning.
You won't get to them -- understand.

The ultimate is in sight, past the high street.
Distant ships approach.

So much skin and hair.
I like to watch you pick and choose.

One take, we're done
and done for. The holidays are over.