Ahmed Builds a Miniature Trebuchet Out of Milk Cartons and Popsicle Sticks, Aims It at Nobody
Matthew Burnside

but because he has been seen wandering the playground scoping for pennies during recess, the children feel for their safety & swiftly report him to the homeroom teacher, who meets with the principal to say things like pennies could be launched & indeed he is a strange boy & you can never be too careful & well he didn't learn it in my classroom & could he have learned it at home? & so the Homeroom Security Board convenes later that night for an emergency meeting along with chief mothers of the PTA to decide their best course of action, beginning with confiscation of his pennies a full locker search revoking his milk-drinking license & subsequent parent-teacher conference to interrogate where he learned to build something so dangerous, to which he repliesIt's a boat.