[What a terrible cry…]
Athena Nilssen

What a terrible cry come running from the tower girl with an emerald dress on Miz Duveux saw it with her own eyes and crawled toward the bastide

Miz I saw it with mine own eyes Gentle girl goes wild threshing Mans only a man even festide ribboned like our Prere. He didn't know druther coming or going she had him around the slender

Wretched girl lies thick as flies on thick black lashes Knew her once tall and saintly in the green reeds we might have said hello Those farm boys came around No shame in a gaol The stone walls hide the couplings

Dry she was as a carcass bone What a terrible cry her insides hang out Miz I saw it with my own eyes and Prere barks like a tied dog for her salvation

St. Claire they say around the milkstones can't bear to think of her to think we lamped her Miz quelle shame and Prere here come trotting Without water without wine sturdy Servant-girl hard pressed

A broken reed the ghost dance at Nigh He's sucking on her Miz sucking The red godsblood sores only his mans mouth sucked them red her faint brown body like the end when the sun is high he laid her down and he made them