How to Play Raft of the Medusa
James Heflin

Swing the pendulum firmly, then count the spaces to the nearest bilge pump. The first player should don the breeches. Whirling in the dark, the player may render unto Caesar, let fly the bullroarer, or hem and haw.

The second player then also dons the breeches. The bosun, having arrived, should give the signal. Casting away from the side, those wishing to participate partake of tender scenes. Sheep and goats may board.

The third player then also dons the breeches. Feral intensity should win the day if this player chooses the riskier path, the crossing of waters concealing the man-o-war, venomous Portuguese monster. Players one and two may draw cards. The harlequin indicates cannibalism; the hammer and nail death by drinking brine. The lights may be lit briefly, though darkness is indicated for the ensuing rounds.

The player chosen beforehand as captain may point to one of the players to begin the so-called "Planks of Terror" round. That player composes mazurkas while the whittling commences. The other stokes the flame. Vigor is indicated on both parts. The duelling pistols may be loaded and pointed at the jugglers, who must juggle furiously indeed.