The Black, Black Jack, the Backstairs Majuscule, the Natives of a Country
Kit Schluter

Divorced, creased musculature.
Force's death.

Their blunt, subconscious homophobia has inverted the hermetic seal -- compressed,
rash, odorous stone. Craned articulation,
(the black, black Jack, the backstairs majuscule, the natives of a country).

[Do I begin here?:]

Relations, beckon us home to the prolific, youthful gallows.
With a start you wake within
an image you have never before depended upon.
I wait at the statue.

Sole, woven.
Network, repulsion. The safety

of repentance conceals well,
but conceals
you, you who
constitute a grille that clearly
divides our relation. The scene
reveals a willing
counterpoint to our bodies.

The illumination reveals the adoration
within you -- I find a trajectory.