Two Poems
J.M. Gamble

a game show network

I willy-nilly regard crease

& line, wonder if you will draw

card & scream like child,

like long-lost child & mother.

I by-the-by think you

must be lying to me, but Meisner

says emotion follows action

& I know you subscribe to him

via television waves, tele-

phone waves, internet waves

(which, all, must not surely be waves)

& as you wave to me from


I tongue-in-cheek scream

alone to you at last:
take the deal / take it like a man.

a rude mechanical

I am certified



I am ribbon
und musk,

which is


which is

Gentile (genteel) Jewish


I am certified

composite, top
und Bottom.

Must I speak now?

Aye, marry, must you.

I go to see a voice

und it is all

I can do to keep

from whispering your name

through the hole of a wall.