Two Fictions
Brandi Wells

A use for her stomach

I worry she is too full and will never be able to enjoy any of the important things in life
So I reach inside her and pull her stomach out. I empty her stomach and wash its lining with cold water. Then I bury the stomach in the ground. There, I say. You will never be full again.

I worry about her other organs and remove them too
I wash them all with cold water and bury them in the ground.
Now there is so much room inside you, I say.
I climb inside and take a nap. A warm dripping sleeping bag. When I climb out she looks empty. Unfulfilled. I dig up the vicious hamburgers that were buried earlier and fill her torso with them. She becomes engorged. Almost glowing. Full.

Every day I open her up to look at the hamburgers and I find they are changed
The first few days the hamburgers only grew. But eventually they became a new sort of thing. They were small statues of people and then these people were equipped with weapons. Handguns, rifles, lacrosse sticks, bows and arrows and even tiny daggers. Then the tiny people began to grow real flesh. It looked painful. They all writhed and twisted, but eventually the flesh was grown. In the days after, they continued to tremble and eventually began to weep and I ascertained that they had grown tear ducts. And probably other organs. Hearts, lungs, spleens, kidneys and any of the other necessary organs.

One day I open her up and the tiny people spill out, fully formed and apparently functional
Will you miss them? I ask and she nods.

The building of stress

There are whole cities built of stress and they cannot be disassembled. The people who know how to disassemble the cities have no desire to disassemble the cities. These are probably the people who built the cities and they think the cities are beautiful. They will vacation in the cities and bring their children to the cities. Their children will get lost in the cities, but they will not feel concerned because their children are only lost in beauty and isn't that something? Isn't that something?
But I do not approve of such cities and I move further out into the country to escape them and to feel all right. I am not comfortable with this type of beauty or really any other type of beauty. It is building towards something that feels final and unchangeable and not part of the horror I have watched growing all my life. The horror I have helped grow. The horror I have loved and will continue to love.