How come us from vacuum, to ink such lumen corpus
West of Kingdom Come

Surviveing us comes a gushing chuck to sound, that we touch in kind to ear-hole .. «we» becoming wakes arc-angled in what fourfathers (in fin retrospeck) pernounce cum: «holey sea». Not even wake props to boot, but sum sort of banged node .. untouched of potentiel (come t = 0, crashed upon a slept tick). Cash us such words herein to renounce them weight-wise of meaning. Auguring such a resounding roar, cullapse us supine into log-rhythms naturel to our corpus borealis .... befor fix us kumtux a wake nanitch, ever egg-wise to become .. even of sick germs boring cum maggets to meat in recipercal reply. Befor hyperthetickal atums split .. or sleeps of future pass under such calculus curves.
Not even a proxy arc-angel of tongue aye to describe or ecko such reverbed ruckus in situ .. such a self-sounding wake of creation, fixing always to such sucked cul-de-sac .. of how come the endureing liplap of riverrun (plying halo brim of stet saltchuck hairloom) ya xists, inherited unto us com see. Such wakeage breaking we ear-touch .... such tom-tom habits of river plying saltchuck. Not even kumtux ear-wise rêve us, of what such banked signes mean, spose even proxy to fix us bunk-ways between, in reguards to such a vast vacuum of «holey sea» .... cum arrêve us all the same, not kumtux now in bygones (not even cum discumfort) .. informed automatickly of accumulation of damned habit, passed on by virtue of virtue (soule to cullapse onto ourself).
& «klosh kahkwah» comes the gush-babeling sound, that in us clicks cum «home» .. that by & by project us into a beach-combed quantum shell. The clicking sound of river arriveing to saltchuck informs our ear in nickel-faced resemblance .. that by & by our ear inword reforms to bunk currents .... to même belated reformation. This all affixes far come remember us to member, kumtux the while that such sense crutches xist soule to comfurt.
This 0° sound plys our hêd, still egging to ecko .. multaplying to become remarked cum cause .... to fill such a sad void we occupy, if soule to reseede cum sucted off. A hole forges clockwise in our cullecting hêd by virtue of a vestigial (wild-type) oregon-grinding monkey gone limp. Said ear the wake cooley-forks counter-clockwise .. into a hole encore (void of oregon), or «laboos» .. that by dint our ear we come all the same to resipracate a kiss into witch to put .. for revivel sake. Such a même-multaplying sound, that forges hither, xcapes cum gerber-brand mikly yolke out our laboos & all at once we become pernounced dead on arriver.

03 cœur-ticks we count in such darknest, cum sheep in bygone sleeps (ironick cum ikt rechords même self) .. yet kumtux sleep us not of how to renounce tom-toms furthere into a wake .. arrêve us all still stuck in such 0° wreathing (said intake stroke) .. not yet plenty to remark vec intelligents sans sounding like shmuckt. For cœur-ticks come soule to xist .. no aye encore space to reckon com ça.
Befor the evening of 0° event, a river-pulse plying our veins we touch hilt-ways to our ears, cuppled vec static sound of stet 0° fabrick of death. & this 01 atum splits .. encore encore. The 0° cooley-wake (that by dint sleep us kumtux to resipracate) reseedes & a sucksessive sound of arc-angels we halo-touch ear-ways .. of riverrun braking gravel vice-verse to chuck .. & therein remaines a hallow dent for our stillborne corpse to cope, for uncertin dureation to predick.
Such a hollow we plug vec our 0° moosum nanitch (in bygone retrospeck, a «rêve») .. a nanitch arising in static beats, that by & by we recognize germinets même 0010-syckle form .... cum all sleep-syckles to arise henceforth. In our 0° moosum nanitch, semble us all cum mere «egg-drops». All the same, reassemble us not egg-drops on our tongue, but just 01 egg-drop nucleus of 3333 in the saltchuck (wherein 3333 becomes the most infinit number we can fathum). Each egg-drop itches to release sky-wise from saltchuck. In this moosum nanitch, we kick bucket & vaporate from saltchuck to sky .. & tum-touch us klosh in consequents .... to rise all the same cum floatsam germinetting in sky encore, to land upside-down (relative to 0) .. in the direction from wither father jacked on cocktails comes. In dependant of saltchuck, such tum-touch of klosh-cum-klee forever endures not just to furk. Klap fathum that become us not the soule germ to die sublime nor even just to take comfurt in. Cuz alt germs cullect drop-wise into «columbus clouds» .. cum pernounced unto us in rêve, that after cullating, assemble to billow all white & fluffy .... yet by dint of more & more waighted cloud-drops culling, such darkening assembly keeps même-drops togæther cloud-wise from nucleus & from such a T-cell we gather momentum, to sink ground-wise at last cum snass .. to fullfill such & such topography of linx course. In recogniscents, we tum-touch klee in such released flux & sink furthere to (or from) the bunkerd land wither our jacked father comes shouldering cocktails (the distinction matters not in a cul-de-sac) .... till snass-drops cullect into streams & then rivers marching grave-wise to zero & our particullar river arrives in sideways verse sum rising chuck .. wearby berth-wise beget us to forget ad infinitum from wither we come .. to become kaput for sum long haul, caluclated in kind.

Sleep us not yet trope to kumtux plenty, cuz to wake pinched from this initial 0° moosum of death remains us not yard-ways. Make us it up vec forceps, cum along we come (not trial-wise) to pull monkey out of hat, vec stet writ stings. Fathum us not of waking .. reckoning not the differents tween dead & undead .. of even space plenty trope for a coffined canoe .... to hit a proverbiel sack, to the hilt. That along the nanitch-trip of such charged perpetual germs, sea-wise snass mamooks of us drops divisible plenty enough to flux into T-cell form .. ticking westword to xpand. That our forgeing duretions become no longer hinderance to crap out on cue, but germs of makeing actual (even, say, sasquatch) what in sleeps not anchord past become us all the same soules to keep cum hippocrits, begetting encore to myth .. & que quantum survivel hinges on a foundation of such reconsiled dependants (spose even bunk props banked near mount hood) .. ever seeped in 0° stroke of such elastick sleep syckles .. cuz of même-feeding cell-to-cell .. cum urn-styled bees .... bewitched in us vec them clacking teeth. Vec each tom-tick, space begets to cullapse to our becoming, in cœur-ticks on tarmac spent .. at least cum rechorded in initial conditions. Yet kumtux sleep us not, all déjà sucked of mism mourning com ça, that aft say us «bone ape tit» .. before ever we surf or hunt (for sport) .... kaput as we remaine cum this river ever arrêveing .. destined to sea home for ourselfs .. lapping up on our surfboard whilst the next wake we wait, once upon a time.