Fragments of a Funeral Procession
Julian Haladyn

She found in him belief and he found in her inspiration. Before the precession began, the seats were filled with people all having one thing in common: fear. What is it that can remove a seagull from its feathers -- ceremonial meanderings or pagan godheads? You mean so much to me. I found myself searching for purpose in your guidance, relating your eccentricity to that of a Metamorphic swan, or a mermaid. I found myself relating you to the monsters that used to live in the cave beneath my bed. It is my turn to bow at your flowered bed -- to kiss your face again with adoring tears -- placing a flower of eyes upon your mirrored heart as a hand. I remember them saying they took your eyes. This final line is of an acceptance from one Nadja to another: L'enchantment de Nadja.