Brandon Hobson

The girl they brought slept for a long time. Later, when she awoke, night had fallen and we were in darkness. The only light we had was a small lamp. Every night it was turned on when they brought us food. The light flickered and threw our shadows against the wall, which looked like images of the crucifixion. Most nights the older boys whispered prayers in a language I didn't know. But my appearance must've frightened the poor girl, because almost immediately she began to cry.
The older boys grew angry. "Stop it," one of them said. "They'll kill you!"
"They'll cut out your tongue," another told her. "Do you want to die?"
But she wouldn't be quiet. She kept moaning and crying until they came downstairs and opened the door and looked at her. They looked around the room at the rest of us, rubbing their fat bellies like devils.

Brandon Hobson's The Levitationist is available for purchase from elimae's affiliate, Triple Press.