Me Chinese
Robert Lopez

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Pity Jimmy died. Out of all these blindsters it's Pity Jimmy seems likeliest to turn up dead which is probably why they tell me to keep an eye out special for him. I'm the one who has to give him his pills after he eats in the cafeteria breakfast lunch and dinner and I'm the one who always has to walk him around obstacles so he won't trip and crack his head open. We keep the pills in his room because the one time we brought them to the cafeteria I lost both bottles. There were two bottles and I didn't have enough pockets was the problem. Blind Betty is the one who taught me which pills to give Pity Jimmy and in what order. I?m not sure if it was her job to give Pity Jimmy's pills to him before it became my job to do this. The one time I asked her I can't remember what it is she said back but I don't think it had anything to do with pills. What she probably said back was either curse words or something about her retard brother and the underground world. This is why it's no good to talk to Blind Betty most times. If you give Pity Jimmy the wrong pills in the wrong order he will fall down and have convulsions and swallow his tongue and die. I don't know if this is true but it's what Blind Betty tells me. Blind Betty has fingered all the books on health and anatomy so she knows about these things she says. Thing about Blind Betty is you don't know if you can believe her sometimes. I'm not saying that all blindsters are born liars the way they were born blindsters but in Blind Betty's case it might be true. So when I give Pity Jimmy his pills I don't know if I'm doing it the way I'm supposed to do it. Blind Betty told me to give him the green pills first and the blue pills second. She said the way I can remember it is green go fast and bluebonnet home. She doesn't say why I should remember it this way only that it is a mnemonic device and it is the only way he won't fall on the floor and convulse and swallow his tongue and die. This is why he has to take pills in the first place Blind Betty says. What she doesn't say is what a mnemonic device is but I assume it has something to do with Pity Jimmy's medicine so I don't bother asking. Every time I give Pity Jimmy his pills I wait for him to fall on the floor and do what Blind Betty says he'll do. Sometimes I think if Pity Jimmy died they might let me go home. I haven't been home since they sent me here to walk these blindsters around obstacles and take them back and forth to the cafeteria. Yesterday it was in the cafeteria when Pity Jimmy tried to kill me himself. I think maybe he thinks if something happens to me then he'll be better off. I was coming back to our table after refilling Pity Jimmy's tray full of French fries and Blind Betty's full of vegetables when I saw him holding my drinking glass. I sat down next to him and he put the glass down and started shaking his head like a gnat was flying all around there. I waited for him to say something about protein or monkeys but instead he eats his French fries one at a time like it's nothing. This is when I asked him what he did and what he said back was me Chinese me play joke me put blue pills in your coke. Things about Pity Jimmy is I seen him try to kill before so none of it surprises me. I caught him trying to smother Blind Betty with a pillow one time when she was drunk. Pity Jimmy used to would bring Blind Betty scotch and white wine for when she had her panic attacks. He never said where he got the scotch and wine from and I never asked him neither. That one time he tried to kill Blind Betty I stopped him by yanking the pillow from his hands and off Blind Betty's face. I didn't tell them that Pity Jimmy was a killer because it'd be me that would've been in trouble for it. This is not what we pay you for they'd say. This is what they always say even though they haven't even paid me once yet. They'd say this if Pity Jimmy killed someone else or if he got killed off himself so it wouldn't matter is what I think. Pity Jimmy is always getting people in trouble which is why it probably doesn't matter what happens to him and why I might never get back home again either way.