5 3F

First, they tell me the product for London is bruised. Busy roads, traffic jams, crashes, school holidays, under investment. It all conspires against the courier -- he has to leave now. Bruised or not, I let it go. The staff disappear and I am left in a zone of artificial light and air conditioning.

Food. Special K with yogurt bits in, stolen from 3F.

Drink. Bad coffee with limescale islands. I use a piece of paper to scoop off the worst.

Hello. The dead eyes of celebrity give me the creeps and I hide it back in 3F's locker. She has a pile of food mags that don't tempt me. I turn on.

Time slows to a drugged pulse.

Second, the story is great. A chinese guy who is now a cop but used to be a gang member is asked to investigate a case only to find out that the suspect is the leader of his old gang the alleged crime is sleeping with a military official's wife which is tantamount to treason but is his boss sleeping with his mother is it really a crime will he sell out his

London are unhappy. London are very unhappy. They are 2 hours away, but they could get peripherals here quicker if they choose to divert. We may have less than thirty minutes. The staff will struggle.

Third, the setting is common place, the emotion is better. My mind drifts back to the first Gulf War. The allegedly English writer uses "sidewalk". I need to get my focus back, but instead I read an interview with her.

Four minutes left. I turn off and leave. The area is not yet clean, I can still smell the product. The remaining staff are Latvian and have nowhere to go.

Five turns and I am up to speed. Carbon forks, tyres at full pressure. The oakleys hide my eyes as I pass a small car that is gliding into the facility.