Greg Mulcahy

Why not have a cartoon run the country, one said. Why not a beer commercial?
Faith and family, the other said.
Yes, yes.
The movies now are all based on cartoons. Those cartoons and cartoon books are all we've got.
They won.
I did not want the grid to fail. You make what you make.
You do what you do.
You make do. That is what this is entirely about. Some make do and some do not -- will not -- make do.
You can see it in their eyes. Either somebody is going to get off his ass and do something or he is not.
Always been that way.
Always will be.
Can't change human nature.
My little works of art.
How was I to know she was a goddess? Was that -- wasn't that -- what the restaurant was called?
What restaurant? What are you --
Aspiring, as we all do, to the wild where the wild men live.
Wild? My creaséd fortune?
To be King of the Savages. Am I alone in this dream? I think not. We've all imagined it, dreamed of it. Often this sweet fantasy has brought me gently to sleep.
The loss of consciousness.
Is anything better?