The Remains of Lit and Und on Shunt
AE Reiff

The Argument

UndPrint on the inland border
was an enforcer, had a gun.
SueLit looked like him, but she had hair.
Sidewalks cracked where they stood together.
Depressions of their feet in the park drowned little dogs.
Nobody connected UndPrint¹s disappearance
With Damer¹s purchase of a walk-in freeze.
Presumption credits that the Dame,
UndPrint¹s second spouse,
had too much brew the night
that Und was shanked and smoked.

To put it plainly, things were going well until the murder. Call it what you will when Lit and Und were killed. Damer showed aesthetic taste, seemed to want them as an oeuvre, a delicate preserve. Yes, frozen they would have stayed, although some metaphysical part to this remains.
When the freezer broke, well, that's too discreet. It was broken into, pillaged, its remains dispersed over town. We are not  talking just literal meat. Dragons want the good, not food, gold and all the gold wherein Lit's body was preserved.
Two levels occur. One physical and literal, with murder, meat and thieves. The other metaphysical, where murder by carnal appetite is more like allegory. Once murdered, pandering I guess to lower nature, to boors, literary swells and the personal, Lit's corpse lost truth, whatever. First remains were parceled out on shunt, the web. Multiplied by thinning, increased in space and time, even with gruel the dragon could survive. Concepts seem to fail. The End. Here's the tale.

The Myth

Dramatis Personae:

UndPrint: The Behemoth in New York.
Guapa Sue Lit: His daughter, Literature.
The Shunt is Inter-et.
Damer is carnal appetite.
The freezer holds bicephalids.
The park is Mother English.
The little dogs, puppoets.

In myth, the publishing industry of New York is UND or UndPrint, known as Halfling Talk or sometimes Turk from its weakness for verse. It, or he, would walk the park with that equally obese progeny and  protégé LIT. There is a family resemblance.
Guape (a) was her name, but not in the Latin sense. In the Saxon it is gape or galp, "pando (j)aepe." We call her Guapa Sue. Und and Lit, Talk and Gape together, have many names. Their massive size made huge BICEPHALIC IMPRINTS in the park.

This PARK is language where their footprints swamp and swell, endangering nouns. The imprints made by Und and Lit filled with water and drowned little dogs. These dogs are the PUP-POETS who did not belong to Lit, but even so followed Und, their greatest enemy that endangered them. If little dogs lost make us sad, when we compare that with what happened to Halfling and his Dirk, taking cue from their referents in Und and Gape, we confront our ultimate fear.

UndPrint's second wife was both carnal appetite and its embodiment. They used to call these emblems. She was the awesome DAME. She certainly could be called a dragon of appetite, though you might think her merely government. She kept the house of Und and Lit, but slaughtered them and stored the first remains.
Carnal appetite's pit sides fall in where you stand. Dragon strikes endanger many lives. Why do people stand on shores and look at skies? Why stare at monitors, image in a glass? The pit is apposite an inward search. The beaches, benches are crowded there. But to make the matter short, both Lit and Und were consumed though they nurtured and made hungry appetite itself. This is quite unfair, to quote the bane, who said, some are made to be victims.  

Add to the referents Und, Lit, and Dame, the SHUNT, for all too soon SueLit was parceled out with Print. The thigh bone severed from the knee when Damer's freezer was broken in.
Allegory spells it out, daily UndPrint and darling Lit may look like chickens hung on hooks, but not. Quick hands on boxes down the hooks, but there is no sausage, ham. Only Gorgon.
For all that, more was left of Gape than Talk because Turk was taken full three years before. Und and Lit were broadband soon on Shunt. You see what it means. More late nights, electricity, people thinking they know it all as dragons reproduce.
Exhumed to this inland border, Shunt-conveyed remains of these behemoths kept like mastodons in ice was at first glance right. Science is based on theft. The dung of 10,000 years is more important than thought. You think that's funny but it's not. If all that's left of the past is dung and bone, how important for our next world the victims frozen in Dame's home. Which made it all more devastating when they were stolen.
Damer thought she could live off them for years, gave no thought to dinner when they were gone. Recycle where you can, dragons. This cavernous lack of planning itself implies appetite might not survive.

Only E pubs on Shunt remained, recombined both torsos into one, distributed as inter-et on their own. This was the Dame's last sustenance. Ironically, Und Halfling Talk was a precursor of this Darjeeling shunt. It is called Darjeeling for that global pressure point. The remains of Und and Lit on Shunt  recombined the torsos of Talk and Gape, called Egenerate.
Recombinant genera of fish and cow we know. What should we call this? Chowder, stew? Dame's recombinant carnal appetite reconsumed Shunt's combined craze: closed loops, solipsists and their troops, that is, the frozen remains. To give it its due.

We inquire further of Talk's first spouse and wife, because that Dame was his second. Whether she married before Halfling Talk is uncertain. She was second but was he her first? We want to get Gape's mother in on this.
The answers are myth.
We backtrack to what Und was, which tips it. It's a typo. Und was Un. So Und first married Un and begot Lit.
Could there really be two beginnings that produce another shunt?
Carnal appetite always wants good eats. What did it eat before Lit steaks?
Lit survived three years from New York's demise, then was burgled. Had Halfling Talk been appetizer enough we wouldn't have had to have SueLit on Shunt.

Clearly, carnal appetite knows no bounds. Itself contracted myth, was maw consumed. We do admire how Hrothgar ate and was eaten, but that was before Shunt's war. Now the Dame, a remote control monster, can be triggered from afar. Not that that is better than the rest. Remember to say it together:

carnal appetite,
carnal appetite,
carnal appetite
has taken the very best.

Political allegory abides religion. Damer cannibalizing Lit, supplants men, who had been doing it. At least many so intimated, but it's hardly the job of literature to decide. We mirror only what we see. The rest is left behind.

The Key

These plot wrinkled, home burgled, frozen remains parceled over town have given moderns pause before the fridge. But is this an allegory or what? There are no dissertations in the social science sense, no invoking Levi Strauss. These theories built into an urban myth had the effrontery to ascribe our darling Lit.
No, all myths don't look like Fafnir. He was promoted dragon from being dwarf, so he bettered himself. Nobody compares him to Puff or Damer. All-knowing dragons are pretty innocent. True knowledge is closer to ignorance. We all know that.
Giants are a lot less knowing though, and you can certainly count father and daughter among those, allowing for the encephalic heads. But to who else but Fafnir can we go to think about the unthinkable consumed?
Dragons and giants essentially lead to this, that our ideas are basically myth and we are devouring ourselves as we speak.
In myth's supposed picture, archetype, the reverse of what's thought is true. If you think the false is true, true false and the opposite of  real is real, like in movies, fiction, life is fairy tale.
That it is before your eyes at all is to the curious and dedicated history of these times just a footnote.