Noir Noir
Forrest Roth

The loud effect noted. Everyone swiveled. Him! A beat breathless and formerly upstanding. Pulse rejected. Someone said: Let's hang around. Someone and Everyone swiveled again. Truth turned a corner -- at last! Nothing to see here move along. The report started Damage and ended Possible. Signed, Concerned. Delivered doublequick midtown, six floors up. This sort labored to tie laces while weighing messages left at two in the morning (all wrong numbers). He sighed: Very well. He stayed in. Drew blank faces. Various precincts he didn't know corresponded. Fat chances. He had run out of secretaries and legal pads years ago. A door knocked its knock. It was a yes this time. He wondered how a metal point could be hollow -- unless! He pushed: Keep going, help me fake this! But another smoke asserted a more authentic exception.