At Last an Earnest Rebuke Is Delivered
Joanna Ruocco

Don't say "unemployed." Say "is in the reserve army of intellectual labor." Don't say "shiftless, uncommitted bastard." Say "rhizomatic." He took our dirty laundry to the Rhizomat. He returned with a hot analysand. She needs a dryer sheet. What we have here is a politically subversive case of HPV. It is a work in progress. He didn't mention. This is a laundry list. I am always complaining. What we have here is hyper-physics. Deranged voltage. Informational fields around the body extend from three to thirty feet in all directions. Each ring in the tree has a different refractive index. Not to mention dinoflagellates or the Periodic Table. You peed on the electric fence but I was grounded in muck boots. The cow tongues need seeding. My sisters in the prop plane are dropping crystals on the valley. My father was killed by a saltlick. In long grasses. Two addresses in the whole town. You are a lamprey. I am a laparoscope. While inserted in your body to research a different ailment, I saw your heart attack happen. The heart wall released a bolt of arterial blood. And stopped.