From a Small Fish in the Floating World
Ron Singer

47.A.D.A. (Aid to Dependent Artists) Grant (restricted): 1988
New York City Department of Social Services.

48.Drawing Accepted to Group Show: Trianon Gallery. 1989
Owner Deceased.

49.Anticipated One-Person Show: Chicken Space (Coop).1990

50.Paintings (6) Accepted for Two-Person Show: Fischer-Laufer.
Gallery. Lease Not Renewed.

51.Works on Paper Submitted: Guten-Luks Gallery. 1992
Work Lost.

52.Works Accepted. Mixed Media (8): Contance Cropper. 1993
Work Withdrawn (Incorrectly Hung)

53.Slides Prepared. 1997

54.Drawing Accepted: Hooper-Greenbach Gallery. 1999
Owner Arrested by I.R.S. Work confiscated.

55.Telephone Call Contemplated: Ars longa. 2004

Apparently the second page of someone's resume, this document was found on the floor of a local copy shop by Ron Singer.