Going to Heaven, Where We Were Going to Live After When We Got Up to Heaven, What People-Families Need to Have Inside Them, and the Giants We Were Going to Grow Up into and Live Them
Michael Kimball

We drove our house-car over the road over and over until the tires got too hot and colored the road in burn-colored. But we didn't burn up inside our house-car or us.
We were going to Heaven.
We were going to die there with my little-brother that he was already angel-colored and dead there and the rest of us were going to Heaven to where the alive-part of my little-brother lived there.
My doll-family was going to Heaven with us too. My doll-people were all doll-alive and all all of us.
But my people-family wasn't all alive.
People-families need people.
People-families need a Bompa and anybody else that's older and bigger or dead. People-families need anybody that's smaller or newer and alive too.
Momma and Poppa were making a smaller and newer one than even my little-brother was but he wasn't going to come out of Momma's stomach and hole yet then. But a people-family doesn't only need people inside it. We needed somewhere to live together inside it there too. We needed beds and rooms and the insides of our people-house and the insides of people and blood.
My little-brother needed his new insides and we needed the little-brother things that went with him from before when when he was alive or how could he go away to alive again after when he didn't have anywhere to sleep inside his crib or Momma or anything else with us. But sometimes a people-family has something more to it or inside it or holding it together and the more can be glue and string or roads or dolls and babies or my little-brother and a house to live inside it or somewhere to sleep or food and eat.
Sometimes a people-family's missing something from inside it too. We were going to Heaven together to get the alive-part of my little-brother back.
But the angels were leaving Heaven again and going up to us and dead. The angels were going to live inside our house at home since the sun didn't burn the insides of our house or any of us inside our house up.
But maybe angels can't die again anyway since their insides are made up out of air and wind. But after when the air and wind stops going away to anywhere else and the world doesn't breathe anymore then maybe the angels will go back up to Heaven to live with us and my little-brother will be alive again.
We were going to start living again as soon as we got to Heaven.
But we weren't living anywhere anymore.
We kept leaving everywhere we went.
But we had my doll-house with us so we'd have a people-house to live inside it with rooms for the angels and my little-brother that were bigger enough so we didn't have to leave it too. My doll-house had doors that closed so people couldn't leave and sheets over the windows so the sun couldn't get inside it and my doll-people or us and burn anything up. My doll-house had beds and tables inside the bed-rooms and kitchen so we could sleep and eat again after when we got to Heaven. It had lights to see and windows so we could see outside and doors so we could leave Heaven like the angels did after when we died again and go home then.
But my doll-people were too big to live inside my doll-house so me and my little-brother and my bigger-brother were going to grow up from little to bigger than any of the big-people. We were going to grow up out of the dolls of us and us and us and up into giants.
Giants get anything they want.
Giants don't have to give anything to anybody and it was going to take all of me and years to be that big and get my little-brother and everything else back.