Instruct Liquid Intern
Kathryn Rantala

Bubble spawn life cell family long time back OK, take back now. Turn hands on tip jar slow not all out, please. No pour. Spring air, wind, sun, water all pretty, pour jar not pretty, not correct. Bits in jar know to do big one time behind. Remember? Now slow. Primor ooze: big leap, surf out -- every time. But no pour pretty sad day. No big leap. Too fast, all back into poor amphibian boot! Bad fill all vessels.
Illustrade. Past glue hold house small family. In out in out Bob-Ruth, strifes, happy. Two ooze bubble: John-Susi. Too nice family 4 peoples. Glue zoo nice house family. Then quick less hold stem zoo part mother. No one keep hand eye cord peel. Fly away Ruth! Dead. Ruin, wrack, bump, angle, 'round-the-corner sunder-Ruth. Bob surf Ruth jar, water in its eye: .hand that rockets cradle tips jar. Nice. Sad.
But pour! Now first wrong thing, pour. Peoples not pour, tip. Out in little, out in little, tip. Slow water go up jar, kiss Ruth, tip out right now slow. Then all go Peninsula! Simple. All time tip, Ruth swim. Tip and tip, Ruth swim hard.
But no. Now Ruth loose all the place. No all-Ruth. Untrain person, Bob. Nice parent name, but untrain. Bob half Ruth now dead boot Ruth. No-skill-Bob. John-Susi see father-without-skill surf dead mother fast back in boot. No swim honor Ruth. Watch eyes shut. Wash lid surface.
Predict not start the sentences. Read full.
Bob heart out, OK, no glue. Not correct fast move pour, OK, mistake. Lucky son not see booty ooze bubble boot. Correct only read method his time.
Later, once pretty day John surf Bob father. Tip, tip. Correct. At swim honor father. See? Not hard! Easy.