Three Fictions
Shya Scanlon

In This Alone Impulse, A Bargain

I have a house. I have a house. It is not my house that I have. It is not my house, anymore, any. I have a house about to tell you. A house about to tell you how. A have now house about me anymore. Let's talk about that. Let's talk anymore. Let's talk dear, or do more. Let's do more that a house will tell us how. That house will ask us, not another. Not another any, any. Not house another, how. I have it here. I have it, and have my dear, do more. I have a house. Not my house. Not any house.

Named An

Is there any? I can not find one. I can not find an. Come with me, and look. Look there. Not there. There. Not there. Not I find, not when, not when I can not look. No looks for. For no, look now, and found. Is there any? Is there an? Not one not un. I found not un to an. I come with me and I lead, and it falls beside me to report. Report for that, for I. Tell me. Sing and singe. Sing and hinge. Hinge not an not come. Not there. There. Not there. There. It falls beside me to, to. It falls and I beside me.


This the mark of where. So what will follow. What will be behind. Is not long coming. Is not long. Can be long or. Can belong. The mark should, and shouldn't will. I will with it. I will with an. But it is not safe to say, and isn't like that safe unsaying. Of the what. Of what comes next. Like perfect asparagus. Sooner now what, not soon now hollow. Where will what I don't. For you, you. Can now, come now. Be it not a farther is, and safer. Safe. But less safe than what will follow.