Pull Slip
Shya Scanlon


She sits down no she sits. She sits down no she where she sits no where she sits down what. She sits. She sits and up she gets she you she fuck she sits and you get what. Get what. Get up.


Pull slip. Pull slip. Pull break now pulling slipping pull. Pull slip what. Pull slip. Pull rest.


Jack in plug in jack off as in jack off. Now switch.
Now plug. Now switch.
Now watch it watch it waste now plug.
Now jack. Now swing.
Now swing one jack as in switch now lean. Lean. Now lean. Now lean. Lean. Now lean. Now switch.
He hands me to I'm next he hands me. Hands. He makes me.
Hands me once I'm naked hands I'm switch he robes me. I'm less he leans me. I'm once he leans me switch I'm naked hands I'm lean.
Now jack as in jack.
He makes me stop I'm swing no hands I'm lean in as lean I'm switch it plugs I'm plug. Now plug. Plug in as in jack. No robes. No robes. Now lean. Lean. Now watch.
Now switch.


Has better hair. Has better hair. Has worse hair but better skin. Has good skin. Has wow has great. Has great no but not great well. Has okay skin. Look. Has better hair. Wait.
"I don't understand," I am saying.
Has look, has way better, what.
"No don't, hey don't," cunt. Has better, has better lips. Has. Don't look.
"Do what."
Yes. How can I, shit, with.
"Do what."
How can I. I can't. I can't. Look. The legs. Has better no, has no. Has better hair. "What you're doing," shit. I'll never shit. I'll, look, I'll leave, has better oh. Just move. What am I.
Okay. Okay. "And."
"I am."
"I see."
"Yes," shit. Has hair, skin, has better legs. No hair. Cunt. No skin. Has what. "Yes." Has what. "Yes." Has worse.