Two Poems
bryan coffelt

i am at least four times bigger than you

here's how it works:
there are the stars
and then there is
pointless shit
in between the stars
and i am closer
to those stars
than you are.

i am perpetuating grief

WoW is a sport and everyone falls down
it's like sandwiches with too much mayonnaise
this leads to unparalleled tears

which reminds me:
i spilled milk, can i please cry?
i promise to feel small tomorrow.

there was a mad dash upstairs
no one saw the moping blond kid
who was in a state of tears.

i cried into an empty bag of chips
it crinkled and crackled
i cried into my shoes.

everyone: cry into your shoes
i stuck a sharpie into my eye
and i cried sharpie ink

i looked up, and all my books were crying
my sandwich cried mayonnaise
everything is weeping

the heater is confessing
to my t-shirts
the heater sinned once

the heater sinned once!
the heater sinned once?
the heater sinned once!