Quatorzain (6)
for Pandora
Marvin Cata DuPlessis

En masque, on point, sans epée, I'll fresco
storm windows 'til they're opaque with safety.
These mixers always end with Codrescu
on the floor. Oh dear! Don't look! Lately

contra-tempts has been my new theme, my dream
of painting couleur de l'eau over costume,
going as my self, unmasked I mean. Damn!
I still ballerine in the mirror. Damn,

the rain is beating to get in; my piste
is nearly out-pastiched. My beauty,
my outlaw, I'd recognize you anywhere.

Mon dame, stay dry, stay inside. My duty
compels me to admit I'm rather pissed.
En garde! now strip, you tawdry paramour!