Four Poems
Eric Gelsinger

June Storm, 04

darkens. how many stairs
at this forgotten address,
night with no light on the hall,
woodwork, footwork nine ten, eleven twelve

I have four teeth in my mouth
gummed like the forefinger's rain,
keeping balance in the mirror

Saturday Morning

The night was a rope

I walked the tides.
I gave a body to the light.
A mouth received the voice


no core to the blackness,
no core to the lightless source.
it goes on and on forever
the sky infinity scars
stars the land for a human
it goes on forever
and I,
this sick luck,
with it.


I'm resting, Jack.
String. I'm relaxed, Jack,
There's sunshine through the window.
Jack, that's sunshine.
There's a music box on top the
Refrigerator. Crank it,
Jack, I want to hear some music.
You're skeleton,
See more than hats
Let's hear some music, Jack.
Crank it,