Two Ghazals
Michelle Greenblatt

Ghazal: Reflections on the Self as Messenger

Use electronics; wrap my hair in
Wires. After I drown, call my mother.

By whatever sacred door I have sworn to open, I swallow
The secret key. I am no cartographer.

This is not regular human
Instrumentation. You take my address book & run.

I have two tongues & a broken
Jaw. Some words live on my face.

11.13 - 15.2005

Ghazal: Reflections on being Hungry

I am hungry, I try to tell you, I need food
To survive. I felt no pain at first, you say to me.

I am not breathtaking like you said. My mouth
(Wild at first) prevents it, now tongueless.

Blood under a blister makes for colorful
Speech. My hand burns fissures through the paper.

I kick her in the face, listen to her teeth crack. Rotten
Head, a garden of bad cabbage tongues sourbrown earth.

Everything flutters. Quick
Kiss me.

11.14 - 15.2005