Jac Jemc

How does it feel?
Let me tell you:
Like a bottle opener
budging a cap.

I could tell you more:
a fiddling tide of speech


Yet, I too, have felt a certain relief, once the page has turned. I sigh and I

The walls do fall
and the golden gates do come.


Beauty can absolutely fool the majority of people.
You'll exchange letters,
and be killed by robbers.


I am angry because
I didn't need to tell you:

My chest is a light box.

They think of themselves.

The blood oranges will give
under our knives.

We all have points of entry.


The martins
and the nightingales
and then
above all else
a snap of the fingers

a ringing patina


How were we able,

in all good conscience,

to build something so tall?

We were warned:

"Height is a blessing."

And like Babel,
we shattered.


Take a load off.
The heart is just a pump.