Have Love Will Travel
Godfrey Logan

By train if I must.
By bus then you pick me up.
To make love.
It only means that it's progress.
When I leave one of us will regress.
It's ninety seven all over again.
Though you're ready for it now.
It's going into a room and coming out sometime later
to catch a charter to Bloomington and then an Amtrak to Chicago.
"I've got a bottle of red wine and no plans," she says.
So we have an understanding.

By bus to St. Louis if I must.
You meet me in St. Louis to pick me up and you take me home.
To make love.
It only means distress and consequence for clandestine behavior.
A movement in the melancholy.
Have love will travel.

House sitting for family in the village.
Drive up to the suburbs northwest.
The occupants are out of town.
Occupy an extra bedroom.
To make love.
In the bath adjoining the guestroom.
Candles surround the bathtub and there's a low ceiling.
It only means you go where it's good.
It's ninety eight all over again
though you're the one on top of things.