Godfrey Logan

"I feel like we're being watched," she said.
It could just be in her head and I would have said so.
But I felt the same thing.

Terribly jealous, Damico, for a man with such charisma.
He leaves his woman with me constantly.
Buying her shoes as a favor. A gift.
Matching a dress she's dying to wear out on the town.
A night she's sure to spend with me.
Resolving not to let his slight affect the evening
though it might be that he is very busy.

No one exactly knows as he never comes home.
"There's no reason to ever do a thing like buying her shoes," he said.
With a look I read, "I'll be keeping an eye on you."

The paranoia washing over us in waves
as we await a taxi
but cannot see the faces of the gentlemen
standing around idly.
Yet feel their eyes on me while shopping and now just waiting.