the dark ages
Gene Morgan

a man with no teeth is eating fruit,
looking at a woman with no teeth, smelling

the drunk man, and thinking of fucking
in the swamp, in some bog full of maggots,

and people starving to death all around,
dying of the plague, bleeding in the mouth,

a man crawling in mud to get his dick wet
in some rotten peasant ass --

brave people just fucking in the dark,
hay and blood fucking under mud

in a room with no light, just mud.

these are my heated leather seats, lady,
and outside this affordable honda,

peasants fucking and peasants fucking more;
listen for those hot sounds made from hay bails,

and like crows circling my affordable honda,
let me remind you more of the fucking;

how steely dan can totally get me laid
when you just listen to the words and sax --

baby, grass is so nice, and mud is so nice,
i whisper to a peasant girl in the mud

there is so much pleasure in scotch whiskey,
and so much saxophone to enjoy, like

movement of the ass of a woman fucking,
and the sound of burning gas

in the distance, we can hear wolves fucking
in the forest -- wolves is so nice, she says.

i look through the sunroof at crows;
the wolves is so nice,