I Make 'I' Statements
Rosie Sharp

I am giving up
I am not a boat person
I am not a model
I am obsessively neat
I am painfully literal when drunk

I called you a crap robot

I can imagine how it must have sounded
I can kill you with my brain
I can never win

I cause tooth decay?
I clean up nice
I dated a pinball machine

I did NOT listen to Skinny Puppy
I do not take it lightly
I don't think I like pink nails

I get wet
I dry off again, eventually
I had no idea
I hate being sick
I have seen the paleo-future
I have to rub it in

I knew, taking those anti-radiation pills
I know how she feels
I know what boys like

I like how the colors look
I like icons
I like naming things

I live to have the most
I'll swallow your soul
I look about 23

I love books!
I love cookies
I love Evil Dead
I love tacky things
I love the fishes

I made faces the whole way through
I made it myself

I'm assuming
I'm coming for you, Aaron
I'm going insane
I'm not completely vain
I'm not scared
I'm pretty sure
I'm sorry I wasn't

I may be pretty effed up
I really love
I ride unicorns
I said don't
I scream
I see hearts
I sit
I suck
I think
I used to be in this picture

I've gone square
I've had it

I want an Oompa Loompa NOW

I will eat your face off
I will just stay here
I will quit being bitter
I will rule your group

I wonder how I'd feel

I wouldn't eat the honey
I wouldn't have quit.