from Because We Have 5
Mathias Svalina

Even grasping loses a little more.
Think clothing, shoes,
garden, health.

See boys, girls,
infants, toddlers, men.
Think kids that grow
into announcements.

Your vicar does not support
your wanting, therefore want.

Want bargain kittens.
Want retailer zone.
Want horseback riding mountain sports.
Want laptops want palmtops want video, portable video.

March, February,
January, December,
October, August Photos,
they're okay options.
They're the slowness of things.

My team may enumerate
you with perfect pints from the keg.

We're neither the zoom nor
zoomer. Kodak

also packs those awful packs,
heavy with initial, scenic & safe.
Tell all your friends who basket
the thrill of the merchants.

Sales taxes:
estimated level.
Shipping costs:

My popular kids
are announced.

With what, they sphere. But how
are we to conceive the sphere of the change,
separated by differences
& alteration from what is.

We must, & also evidently do, touch something.

For wind & air are a magnitude? No: that is impossible,
since the solution is that matter of passing-away.

But the musicality of the itchy foot
held no warmth or humor at all.
The young man did not cry or flee,
he just nodded.

be ill.
Try sex
not snake.
See old.

Sock or fear,
pencil try dog.
Living a cake
is noise or
black moon
& some rough wool
may mouth
disgust, able
or tall.

Key poison.
Try cover
& prose.

See help.
See trade.