Two Poems
Jasmine Dreame Wagner


The enduring appeal.
Tracking and mapping
the bear, we witness:
Dirty caverns.
The messy after-
birth. Bilgewater.
Mink trap.
We are good students.
We pray, daily,
then cluster
beneath the speedway.
We provide the matches.
You provide the mountains.
Now, grant us
our firstborn son.


There is a lot we can learn from cartoons.
For instance, fate

is a rake in the face.
The globe settles

on Egypt.
No, just

yellow floor,
palmettos, Wile E.
all wrapped
up in

tornado. Have you noticed
how the anvil always drops

too late?
Some kind of jazz

ragging on in the background.
Or Jonathan Richman yowling,

Road Runner,
Road Runner,

well, not anymore.
This supermarket is more like Superman

in a parking lot
of kryptonite.

Poor hero,

under a pyramid
of charcoal briquettes.

She expected
the doors to open automatically

when clearly, someone else was thinking,
hmm. . . a banana peel. What should I do with it?