Wolf Dust
Joshua Marie Wilkinson

The woods pulled
on your sleeve

& the bathtub water

went black.


Your little brother's curtain
wrapped around your

other little brother.


What light comes

between your nightgown

& you?


An owl breaks the fold.

A cut tree spills.

A soft crutch hits
the dust.


A cold freezer
stocked with boys' blood.


I happened to myself
the very woods.


Bring your own dancing shoes,
your own shiny suitcase filled
with bricks & wolf dust.

You are coming through
the phone wires &
ice at once.

Little beast in the chimney
of your throat.


The birds caught in
the strange lather.

Moon colt, new bees,
a spun snaky light & laughter.

I know the way your children
hold the pencils to their


This is the hidden melon.

This is the black light thwarting
your birds.