Three Poems and a List
Mike Topp


If you were a space alien, you know what would be the one thing that would really make you mad? Cookbooks written in French. How the heck are you supposed to read them?

Personal Fashion Mistakes

1. Feather earring (1978)
2. Beret (1979)
3. Paper shirt (1981)
4. Green suede 'Robin Hood' boots (1983)
5. Really skinny black belt (1985)
6. 'Dress' black leather jacket (1989)
7. Stovepipe jeans (1990)
8. Flattop (1993)
9. Goatee (1997)
10. Feather earring (2000)


Basically, there are three ways my neighbor and I are alike. The first is we both like to repeat what other people say. The second is we both like seeds a lot. The third is a beak.

Like Sand...

Like sand in an hourglass, the loose granular material ran into the bottom of the coffeemaker-shaped timepiece.