Six Poems
Mike Topp

Saw Movies
I'm here today to tell you about the three movies I saw yesterday. The first movie that I saw was basically a love story about a lonely writer in New York and an attractive actress in L.A. It was a very enjoyable movie. The second movie that I saw was, more or less, about a punk drug abuser...well, let's skip that one and go on. The third movie that I saw was one that started out in outer space, and ended up in a marina with a middle-aged gentleman driving up in a town car to the parking area. And those were the three movies that I went to. But I liked the first one.

I had attention deficit disor

Learn Chinese

My descendants came over on the Mayflower.

Mother Said
"Your father's first wife was a lesbian," she said, fingering my tie.

Laughter, according to Reader's Digest, is "the best medicine."